Epocrates Medical References App Recensioni


muito bom


Indispensable !

Per lavorò

Maneggevole anche Durante il lavorò sia sulla strada ché in ospedale! Ottimo

molto completa

Direi che fornisce molti dati, forse troppi: trovare una pillola dalla forma e dal colore forse non serve tutti i giorni... Le informazioni che usa potrebbero quindi "appesantire" un po liPhone


..per un medico alle prime armi cosí come per uno esperto !! Tutto quello che non si riesce a ricordare di un farmaco (ndr principio attivo), é ampiamente documentato. Utile anche la compatibilitá di due o più farmaci.


Molto utile se sei un medico scaricalo


Buono strumento di lavoro.

Vademecum per il medico

Bello, molto interessante e utile

io non trovo ciò che cerco..

Forse sono io che non ho capito come funziona, però ho provato Glibomet, Triatec, Cardioaspirina, Sinvacor e non le ho trovate.. lidea è grandiosa.. spero in update e do tre stelle

Ottima e completa

Fra le tante applicazioni per iPhone, questa è ammirevole per praticità, utilità e continui aggiornamenti (daltra parte, in campo medico sarebbe normale). Gli aggiornamenti sono rapidi se in presenza di rete wi-fi.

Ne sono entusiasta da anni

Fin da quando esisteva solo per la piattaforma palm epocrates e stato il riferimento fondamentale per tutta la mia attivita clinica. La versione base (solo i farmaci) e offerta gratuitamente a tutti ed e aggiornata fin troppo frequentemente. Molto bella anche la versione a pagamento con five minute clinical consult e centinaia di tabelle, formule e ausili alla diagnosi e alla terapia.

Sicuramente bella

ma a me servono i farmaci in commercio in Italia.

Da scaricare!

Ottimo! Utile ed affidabile


Ottimo software, in continuo aggiornamento, utilissima la versione essentials per la professione medica, la si prova in demo per un mese gratuitamente... Eccezionale veramente, completa, dalla diagnosi differenziale alla scelta terapeutica... Peccato che dopo un mese per ripoterla utilizzare si debbano spendere 150 dollaroni ALLANNO!!!!!! Esagerato!!!!


la versione gratuita è un po scarsetta... meglio medscape

Da avere

Era dai tempi del palmOS prima e del pocketPC dopo che usavo questo programma come farmacopea e lho sempre trovato utile. Naturalmente vi è la farmacopea americana ma non è un problema. Di tutti i farmaci posologia e indicazioni per adulto, bambino, interazioni (con spiegazione), effetti avversi, farmacologia e farmacodinamica (tipo di recettore, emivita, eliminazione epatica o renale), classe di rischio in gravidanza, se sicuro nellallattamento e moltissimo altro ancora. Tutto gratis!!! Per non parlare della parte sulla medicina di laboratorio (che però è a pgamento). Per me è indispensabile e mi stupisco che sia così poco scaricato in Italia


Non vengono visualizzate le tabelle (tipo conversione oppioidi o cortico steroidi)


Applicazione utile ed intuitiva ottima per ricerche veloci ed unita allinserimento di studi recenti da consultare

Good but...

This app is good, and I’ve only had one complaint until today. The one complaint I’ve always had is the notifications page that automatically pops up every time I open the app. This is frustrating because there are already alerts in the app to tell you that you have new notifications (which I don’t use for anything anyway), and you have to wait for it to pop up to then have the option to close it out and get on with what you opened the app to look up. It just adds annoying extra clicks and takes extra time when you’re trying to get to something fast. The new annoyance with the app is that they are doing away with the DDx feature this month. This feature has been a constant go to for me in school for certain assignments, and our teachers even encouraged us to get the app to be able to use this feature at the beginning of our first year because it would come in so handy for some of the things they want us to do. Such a disappointment that they are suddenly getting rid of this. I turned to this app a lot over other apps because of this feature throughout school and still today, but I guess I will be rethinking my subscription to this app when I have others like it now.

Beware falsification of credentials hack

Several years ago I registered with this company and noticed my credentials were wrong raising questions by my employers. Epocrates blamed it on the AMA. The AMA had my correct credentials. Not sure what game they are playing so I closed my account. Recently I stupidly registered with them again to try this app again, and their site could not recognize my credentials. I then noticed on Google that my credentials were changed by numerous web sites to incorrect listings again. Clearly these “ratings” sites are in cahoots ( buying or sharing)with epocrates being given or creating false credentials by epocrates and then putting them on Google search indicating a person is not a physician. Epocrates is either deliberately falsifying credentials or unable to correct their incorrect information. I just signed up with them after years of complaints and within weeks my false information reappeared on Google. Think Facebook is bad, beware of your information if you voluntarily provide this company your credentials. I contacted them to erase my credentials and was told their would be no definite time frame and I should my lawyers contact their lawyers. Beware what to whom they are selling your info and if it is at all correct. May require a class action lawsuit for them to take this seriously.


Had not worked well. Crashes and freezes up. Very disappointing.

Great resource at the bedside

I frequently turn to Epocrates for drug interactions - it is quite helpful. It is also helpful for quickly reviewing medications I am not familiar with. The other portions -Guidelines, ICD-10 and Disease References are also quite helpful on the fly. It is my go to reference in the room with patients.

Would be nice, but...

Won’t open. Is this what I’m paying for??

Always room for improvement

Can get better with the full version. Would like them to be able to transfer favorites and notes when you get a new device or among devices. Had to upgrade my phone and lost my favorites and notes that I had stored in medication notes.

Irritating pop up news feed ad

I’m not the only user to complain about this, but I have mentioned many times already. The initial “news feed” pop ad that opened every single day is extremely irritating. Sometimes it’s delayed and pops up while I’m in the middle of typing a drug. Then I end up clicking on some random link and have to spend time backing out of that and starting over. Get rid of that useless screen once and for all.

Great app but!

I am a resident physician and I rely on Epocrates heavily for my daily duties. I am already a paid user, and I was ok with that because of how useful the app is so I didn’t mind. It always bothered me that the first screen is always the newsfeed. I would like to be able to access whatever section I want without so many taps on the screen. But to add insult to injury, And what I do mind, is the introduction of “new mandatory ads” of certain “app sponsors” that pop up when I first open the app. As if what I am already paying as a user is not enough, and in order for the “new ads” to go away, I have to pay more. I would prefer the developers increasing the general subscription fee rather than introducing the ridiculous ads that pop up in the welcome screen or even introducing the higher category subscription. It is just so counterproductive and it takes an awful lot of time to get to what I want now with so many taps. More and more I am opting to use different apps like lexicomp, for which my institution offers a free of charge subscription, minus all the ads of course.

Used to be great, now unusable

Was one of my favs. Now the login screen does not allow pasting password from security products like 1Pass (must type them in which precludes using complex passwords) then fails to login, falsely claiming "no internet connection." Bring back the old version!

Not making an account

Can’t use the app without making an account and giving your email. This is stupid. I get enough junk emails already

Hangs up!

Annoying! I’m paying for this app. Fix it or give me my money back.

Great customer support!

I purchased the upgrade a different way than I had in the past and things weren’t working. I emailed the support team and they were able to resolve the problem very quickly!

Great app

I am physician. I have used the free version as my go-to information source on medications, Med interactions, Adverse effects, mechanisms of action, and drug interactions. It was great to begin with but they keep improving it. Better and easier to use.


They make it nearly impossible to turn off auto renewal


Great app but has been crashing since the last update. Please fix ASAP.

Good app but....

Good app, been using it daily but lately has been freezing or would not open. I’m not sure if the problem is with phone compatibility, I use the iPhone X.

App not working

As soon as app opened it immediately closes out!

Doesn’t open/crashes

Had no problems with this app until the last update... since then, app no longer opens. It will hang and then crash...

keeps crashing

app will not open just keeps crashing?

Most recent update renders app unusable

With the most recent update, the app doesn't load completely, and the partially blank screen is frozen. I know the app is the issue because it's happening on 2 different phones.

Pharmaceutical bias over EBM

Information presented in notification section, promoted as informational/educational are primarily supported and sponsored by the individual pharmaceutical manufacturers that benefit financially from the medications. This makes the accuracy of information questionable


Great App. Have been using it for years. Great support as well


Paid for upgrade. Still no access. Contacted developer and they said they are working on the issue. Several users. I have an iPhone 6, not sure if it’s just with iPhone users. Have spent several hours trying to resolve issue. $174 (187 after tax) down the drain. Don’t waste your money. It’s a shame they are even letting people still purchase the upgrade whilst knowing they won’t have access.

Unresponsive after latest update

This app is so helpful, but the most recent update has made it completely unresponsive on my iPhone X. This was corrected with a hard reset of the device.

Don’t waste your money

Paid the $170 for the plus version. Literally unlocked nothing on my phone. It still shows like I have the free version but it went ahead and charged me for the $170

Don’t upgrade

I upgraded through ITunes, paid $190 for plus. And have no access to it. Do NOT upgrade through iTunes, go to epocrates. Because I feel like I just blew $190 as I have not heard back from them.

Used to be great...

Now crashes constantly to the point of being unusable on my iPhone 8 with iOS 11. Have updated app and tried reinstalling it without resolution.

Stopped Working

A great app until this last update. Now it is frozen. It boots but wii not move from the opening screen. What I considered a five star app does not warrant a one star rating. If it ever works again, it will probably be back to five stars.


I would love it if this was usable on my IWatch.

Profit motive is what makes us productive

Thank you for making a good product. The trader principle is win-win.

Liquid dosing

With the most recent update, I am unable to calculate the liquid dose for children’s meds. Otherwise this is a wonderful app that I depend on regularly! I have the free version of Epocrates.

Still needs work

Use this app often. Has great information. Don't like that it wipes out all of my notes and things I had as favorites when I update. Also wish they would allow us to pin to home screen or favorite the calculators we use often, otherwise I have to go through three steps to get to the BMI calculator.

Save Interactions?

As a psychiatrist, I’m often looking up Interactions between a (relatively) small group of psychiatric medications and a (relatively) large group of all the other types of medication that my patients are taking. It might save some time if users could save some Interactions lists—or perhaps if info on interactions between/among classes of drugs (such as statins and SNRI’s) could be accessed. ERHmd

Great app, and free!

I use this for dosing and interaction information, and the pediatric maintenance fluid calculator. So easy and fast!

$175?!!! Health info should not be a profit driven

Shameful that the full app is $175. Per year! How about some ethical and moral leadership from the makers of this app by showing the world you can still make a ... um ... health profit with pricing strategies that aren’t cost prohibitive to the majority of the population? Surely the bright minds behind this app can identify partner organizations to help make this happen? Imagine what could happen if you tamed your profit quest and instead prioritized people’s health and ability to understand more about it? THEN you would start rewriting history. Beginning with this app. Good luck!

I first had this on my Palm Pilot@!

1) it is Free! But it is an excellent resource. I use it in my work, case management for individuals with serious mental illnesses and long hx’s of numerous medications. The ability to get a quick picture of med interactions helps in advising clients in looking at choices. I also use it in my personal life—it also has the Oregon Health plan formulary—an extra plus!! I highly recommend it (and often do, with work peers and other service providers. Did I say that there is a free version?

Great app

I used this throughout medical school and residency. Great quick reference. My only suggestion is to update the pregnancy dating calculator. Using decimal values for days is very confusing. Eg 4.7 weeks is not very helpful. Is that 4 weeks and 5 or 6 days? Otherwise, great app.


A must have for clinicians, has a great peds dosing calculator that makes it fast and simple. No more converting pounds to kilograms, type in pounds and the strength you want to use and boom: you have your amoxicillin dose. Tells you what the drug is for, what dose you should use and how to write the prescription. Can’t make it any easier.

No IV Drug Compatibility?!

This app is useless for critical care units. I want to ensure the meds I’m ordering and/or administering are compatible in emergent situations. I believe this is a safety issue and should have been addressed a long time ago. I will not be using Epocrates again once my subscription is up, unless they add this critical feature, of course.

Crashing after the updated

Save yourself some headaches and do not upgrade. I can not get the app to work and it is constantly crashing after the update. I called them but they are closed for the weekend. Really????


I absolutely love this app❤️It is a great tool for learning and teaching. I use it all the time. In fact I panic if I can't access it 😂 The one I am using is free!!! I can't wait to be able to afford to purchase this app; it's a small price to pay for the vast amount of information that is included. I am very grateful to those that took the time to develop this app and to those that keep the information up to date and available. THANKS GUYS, I love and appreciate each of you!!!

Excellent App

Great app with easy efficient access to medication information. Interaction checker very effective. Just a wealth of extremely helpful information. Using Epocrates on a daily basis. Well worth having with a very simple user friendly interface.

Absolutely Indispensable!

Great app! Have used it for 10 years & recommend it for my students. Thanks!

Highly recommended

Definitely an app for any recent PA graduates or practicing NP's.

Awesome App

Great app for what I need!


My go to app!


Love this app- Most of the info I am looking for in a brief synopsis

Love it . Add "favorites " to calculator section

Great app. I'm an FNP student and refer to this often. The latest update to the calculator section is fantastic, however , wish there was an option to favorite certain calculators for quicker access!

App recommendation

I do not see the pregnancy categories A, B, C, or D. Would you consider adding these to the app?

Essential tool

Must have app. Interaction checker in particular is useful. Would prefer if monographs & updates were a menu option rather than a forced screen. Also would like to see a non-paid consumer version, since too few docs check interactions.

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