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Update makes it cumbersome

Have used this app in my practice for years on my ipad. New update no longer allows scrolling down through all topics. Instead you have to exit and enter each topic. Takes more time and fragments what you remember. I will be looking for a different app.

Best drug information app

I had been using this app for many years and it is my go-to app to look up a drug interaction. Very handy. Use it everyday. Lately it has been freezing and I am having to close the app and reopen. Or get my iPad instead. I hope this can be fixed soon.

Good App

I love this App for the Interaction Check, but my only complaint is there are very few Vitamins Listed and Herbal supplements, so I’m unable to check their interactions with prescribed meds. I’m an RN who sees that more and more patients are taking OTC supplements. PLEASE add these to you medication lists and this would be 5 stars. Example, Tumeric is very popular now, and it can thin your blood. People need to know this who take other anticoagulants or anti-platelet medications. I’m sure there are way more supplements that can cause specific reactions with prescribed medications and other supplements.


I have use the packer days for a long time. Really appreciate having the accurate data base at my fingertips. However over the last couple of months it will lock up. Very frustrating.

Freezing and crashing

For the last month or so, maybe the last update, about 50% of the time the app freezes or crashes, requiring me to quit the app and restart it. This essentially removes the ability for this app to work as a point of care tool. I am paying for a subscription to this. Making sure the application works is a baseline expectation. I am going to delete the app and reinstall and hopefully that will make life better, but I’m really not happy with how this app has changed in the last 2 years. Increasingly complicated menus and listings and it’s harder and harder to find what I want.

Still waiting

I’m still subscribed to the Plus level. I continue to receive Free level service. Anybody going to address this problem?

Love Hate Relationship

I have used Epocrates for a long time, and have relied on it to take care of patients; but over the years they certainly have lacked an unwavering commitment to a quality product that won’t interrupt your workflow on a busy day when you’re taking care of patients. The latest shenanigan are pharmaceutical banner advertisements, even though I pay an annual fortune for this product. Sadly, that’s something I will no longer be doing & am switching to an alternative source.


Great tool in my daily practice. Love Epocrates.

Missing DDX

I miss not having DDX. The program gives ideas & expands my thought process. I really miss this. Please consider putting it back into Epocrates.

Go to

I have used ePocrates since I was a student NP in 2006 and will use it 90% of the time as my go to for all questions I have in practice. Second to UpToDate, this is my go to!

NP on the go

This is my favorite prescribing app. I've been using the app for about 10 years & each improvement/update has 'fixed' any real problems I've encountered. Like anything, ease of navigation comes with frequency of use so even though the opening screen update originally bothered me, now I just swipe down after I've scanned/read topics of interest to me.

Most Used App

There are no other medical apps that I use as consistently as I do Epocrates. I am an actively practicing intensivists and often wonder how I did my job years ago with a PDR. Would not trade it for the world. There are not many things about the app that I bother me, although I wish more insurance companies would make their formulary available. All in all, my life is better for it.

Best medical app

Best medical app for medical, clinical, and drug information. Thank you epocrates

Thanks for the help for chemo medications

I am one with a propensity to react strangely to medications. I also have hx of fatty liver, pancreatitis plus lung and breast cancers. I am unable to take just any medications. This app has helped my doctors to accept that I am unable to take some medications. Most helpful.


Great information at my fingertips. Sharon

Great App

Works great for checking drug interaction issues.

MD anesthesiology

Clear and precise can rapidly find mechanism of action and t 1/2 once I’m past the initial pop up studies

Very Clinically helpful

Very Clinically Helpful, fast and easy to use.

Epocrates review

I have used this app for over 10 years; it is my go to app for prescribing; looking up drug interactions and calculating formulas like Gfr or creatinine clearance. Love the app. Susan

Great App

I purchased this app and use it daily for work purposes. It was a great resource while I was a student as well.

Best I have seen!!

Absolutely love the app! Would be struggling without it! Have never been disappointed!

Great App

The app is very easy to use and it’s handy tool. The information is reliable. This app is a great app.

Current and easy to use resource.

This is a great tool to keep in my pocket as I see patients. The information is current, and the app is easy to use. Very helpful in answering questions that may be related to a specific medication or to review drug interactions.

I use this all the time.

Good resource especially when looking for interactions. I agree with an earlier comment about the alert page popping up first. Otherwise, thumbs up.

Fast, accurate information

I use this app daily. Especially like the pill pictures, because patients will tell me "I'm on that round yellow blood pressure medication" or I can call up a picture to help them identify a medication that I would like to change.


Convenient and fast. All the answers I need.

Great app

I love this application! It is amazing. I particularly appreciate the interaction check, I think I use that the most.

How to pronounce drugs...

Could you add the capability to see and hear how drugs are pronounced? I love this feature with Webster’s dictionary. This would be helpful with new drugs or for new medical professionals just learning. Otherwise, the only thing I don’t like it the immediate notifications upon opening. Very annoying.

Stalls and Crashes

I’ve always been a huge fan of Epocrates. It has offered detailed drug and disease info in an easily-accessible format. For the last few months, the app stalls when launched, and crashes frequently. It’s really not usable as it is now. Epocrates support only says that they are aware of the problem with iPhones, and they are looking into a solution. I am now looking into other options.

Fast and Efficient.

It’s quick and easy to use. More detail is available under diagnosis and treatment approaches. The highlight and basics give a excellent overview of the disease subject. Medication guide gives accurate cost and links with good RX for online discount vouchers. References and sources are available for further review/reading. Calling or texting for help / trouble shooting is easy. Epoc staff are courteous friendly, timely and efficient. The case vignettes provide excellent examples of patient presentations. The material is easy to navigate and is a helpful tool to prepare lectures and presentations on the go for resident education. Occasionally there are some disease topics not easy to find or lumped in with a broader category of pathological states [i.e., H. Pylori infections vs PUD]. The Differential Diagnosis (ddx) section is also and excellent clinic tool for deciphering through unclear cases with ambiguous patient symptoms or when it is necessary to explore other etiologies. The Ddx lists key differentiating features —that help to rule-in or rule-out alternative competing diagnoses— including diagnostics [lab, imaging, & other tests], symptoms and physical exam findings. Overall I find this app (iPhone and iPad), and epocrates online to be a very helpful tool. It does not replace journal subscriptions, years of experience/ gestalt, or subspecialty consultations. For education, it should be used together with other sources such as Harrison’s, board reviews sources and review of original research articles.

Essential app for medical folks of all stripes

He app is great content wise. It is essential for all medical providers. However since the recent update the app freezes when you open it frequently. Also the news preview is intrusive and annoying. Please fix the freezing.


Love this app! I tell everyone to get it if they are a healthcare provider! I am disappointed that the option to get a “most likely dx” based on a patients age, sex, and symptoms is gone!!! Is it in a new section? If it’s been removed please bring it back! Will update review.

“Don’t Leave Home Without It”

I’ve been using ePocrates practically since it’s inception. To give readers some perspective... it was in my Palm Pilot! It has been invaluable from the start and has, over the years, become seemingly more and more essential to me. I’d be lost with it (despite the many alternatives available, so of which I’ve even purchased). Your product also proves the adage that “less is more.” PGF, MD, FACE

Epocrates Plus Review

I am a Family Nurse Practioner, but my focus is geriatrics. There is not a work day that goes by without me referencing this app. Very essential tool in my kit!

Bug in app

I have been using Epocrates daily for years. Recently, I noticed that when I went to alternatives, the app just turned off. This never happened before- please fix it. I really can’t function without Epocrates

Betts, FNP

I have been using Epocrates for many years! This App is a life savior for time and is convenient! You cannot go wrong with this App.

Love Epocrates App

Epocrates is my go to App because it is clear and concise and to the point and I can find what I need quickly. I also have another App that is very thorough and shows you studies etc... but personally when I’m taking care of patients I don’t have time to read a study- I need clear, simple and quick answers and that is what Epocrates offers. I’ve used it since NP school and haven’t found anything else that I like better. I’ve worked in the primary care/urgent care setting. The only thing that I would want that Epocrates doesn’t offer (I don’t believe) is A little more info on IV drugs for instance “this should be a slow push over 2 minutes”... obviously we don’t do that in an outpatient setting but when I worked in the hospital those extra tips would have been helpful- I would feel like Epocrates truly had it all of they added that!


I have been using Epocrates for years. Even on iPhone 10 it is SLOW. annoyingly SLOW


This app crashes more time then not Usually when I am behind and needing quick information Have to restart app continuously Would not recommend this app and will not renew when expires I am irritated I paid for the whole year Avoid paying for this app. Not worth it

Extremely useful

Overall very helpful... use almost on the daily basis to confirm medication, right doses, adverse reactions, etc.

Love it!

I use this app everyday in my practice. Great guide and quick reference tool. Easy to use. Worth every penny.

Great app

I’m using this app and it has been great for me. The only thing I hate about this app is the newsfeeds I often get to see first while I’m in a hurry.

I need Epocrates to practice medicine

I rely heavily on Epocrates for drug/drug interactions, pill IDs to show to patients to help ID pills, medication dosages/indications, etc. Epocrates is why I have to have a smart phone!


Great app but for the las few months it intermittently/randomly freezes the homepage when opening the app. I’m unable to type or tap on anything. Reloading the app after closing it doesn’t fix it. I pay for the annual subscription. Frustrating at times. Otherwise it’s great.


I am a pediatrician and I rely on Epocrates every day to check medication dosing for children. I also find your tables very helpful. Recommendations for antibiotics appropriate to particular diseases or bacteria is very useful too. This is the one medical app I never want to be without!

Love It!

As a registered nurse, Epocrates is my best friend at work ♥️

Great App!

Use it everyday for dosages and interaction check. It is so user friendly! Love it!

Great app and super useful

I use this A LOT as a resident physician. Only complaint is I hate the pop up screen that comes up at the beginning of each day. I’m in a hurry and don’t have time t get rid of the news feed.

Love this app!

As a pharmacist, this is an app that I find essential in my practice. I use it every day in some way- dosage calculations, dosage guide, quick interaction check, pill ID, etc, etc. It is just a quick reference check to have right in my pocket if I'm away from the computer. I love it!!

Good app except for ads

I use Epocrates every day but would prefer fewer ads to negotiate past.

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